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About Me: Jewelry Designer



My name is Marcia Passos-Duffy ...  I'm Brazilian-born, US-raised, living in New England, and the creator of Geo-Graphic Gems. 

Folks in my region of New Hampshire may know me as editor and publisher of regional magazines (Monadnock Table, The Business Journal , The Heart of New England & atHome Magazines). I not only love to produce new magazines, but I also love to collect vintage National Geographic magazines. 

I discovered a technique to transform older National Geographic magazines into works of art quite by accident when a friend I was visiting showed me the work she was doing using a natural citric acid based product that uses orange peels to make works of art on canvas. The process dissolves the ink on the pages that are printed on clay-based paper, creating brilliant abstract designs. 

I began to do this myself and was intrigued by the stunning designs this technique created. I have made jewelry in the past for friends and I realized that bezels with glass cabochons would be an ideal way to use this paper to make earrings and pendants - the glass locks in the paper, making it impermeable to liquids, and accents and magnifies the designs. Most people have not seen anything else like it! 

Hope you enjoy your Geo-Graphic Gems as much as I enjoy creating them for you!

PS: This is me, "test driving" one of my new designs, a rectangle pendant.


How Geo-Graphic Gems are born


I transform vintage magazines...


... into colorful marbleized paper ...


... into jewelry unlike anything you've ever seen before! Each one unique. Each one part of a story.


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